The Freedom of a Debt-Free Life

Boondocking in Stockholm, Sweden.

I don’t have anything against houses. I grew up in one. But living in an RV for the past year and a half has made me realize just how cool RV’s can really be.
I’m not being crushed by a giant mortgage. My home is paid off.

The RV lifestyle promotes being outdoors whereas having a big house promotes sitting on the couch watching the tv. RVing is like speed dating for friendships. Invite someone over for a cup of coffee and see how long you can stand being with them in a small space.
It takes five minutes to clean the entire house.

When you want to move, instead of hiring a moving company you just pull in the awning and unhook from electricity. Plus, you can move every day. Don’t like the weather? Tired of the mountains? Want to live beachfront for the summer? You can live literally anywhere.

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