My story and why I decided to live in an RV

After almost a decade in a prestigious job, I’ve realized that there’s more to life than work so I decided to sell and donate everything in Stockholm to travel around Europe in a RV.

I used to live the Swedish dream, and then three events happened: Me and my former fiancee went separate ways after being together for twelve years, I had to put down my lovely dog and my job as a radio host bored me to death.
These events forced me to question life and i started questioning my goals, my lifestyle, schedule, my mind and even my home.

I began to feel stressed out and exhausted all the time. I would come home and mindlessly watching TV and I didn’t like making plans during the week and on my weekends. I just wanted to relax and barely do things because I was drained.. so done from the whole week. Im admitting that I was on the verge of becoming mentally unstable.. I became a aggressive driver.. I felt miserable.

I finally reached out for help and started going to therapy.
She told me within 20 minutes that I needed to be written out of work for at least a couple of months.
I was signed off work with depression for 6 months. I finally felt free from the shackles of my job and felt like I was finally taking my life in the direction I wanted.
I realized that what I did as a job wasn’t what mattered.
What mattered was the fact that I was happy, that my purpose went a lot deeper than sitting behind a desk or in a radio or tv studio… with my head in my hands wondering.. sometimes I even said it loud.. what the hell I was doing and w
The feelings of resigning just kept bubbling up.

I did reach a breaking point though. I started to cry.. very hard.
So this is when I started feeling bad because I felt bad.. What happened to my energy and drive?
Aren’t you ashamed of yourself you privileged piece of shit? People are starving in this world and here you are.. complaining about your privileged life in Sweden.
Something happened to that energetic go-getter that I used to be.

I wanted something else and somehow I knew that it would all work out for me.
I did not know what.. but I knew what I wouldnt say on my deathbed. I would never say “If only I had spent more time at the office, and I really enjoyed fours weeks vacation for 48 weeks of work so that I could pay my debt on house loans and car payments”.
What I want to say on my death bed is this: “Hey, Gurgin. You had the courage to live a life true to yourself”.

I sold and donated all my possessions, bought an RV and I have lived in it with my dog since april the 4th, 2016.
I call myself a minimalist on wheels now because ever since I realized that it’s not about the things I own that counts, it’s where I’m going and what I’m doing that counts.

However, when I got rid off my belongings and moved in to my 80 square foot vehicle, there was just one thing I couldn’t bare to leave behind – my adoring rescue dog Ronja.
She is also traveling with me.