Gurgîn Bakircioglu sold everything, quit his job as a radio host and bought a RV to travel with his dog. Here is his story, a story that have been featured in media.

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Tips to Stay Warm in Winter in Your RV in Sweden

Tips to Stay Warm in Winter in Your RV in Sweden

A cold day in my RV (Botkyrka, Stockholm)

This is my first blog entry, I hope you will find it interesting 🙂

Many people have asked how I stay warm and if it is possible to beat the Swedish winter like a real Viking. My short answer is that I usually stay at friends houses for periods of times when the temperatures here in the north is falling but I have been living in my RV for weeks during winter so here are my tips if you want to travel into the more northern climates of Europe, especially in the winter.
You need to make the appropriate preparations to help your RV maintain your personal comfort.
Make sure that you prepare because, without preparations, a night in a winter wonderland can quickly turn into a night in a fridge.

The first thing can do is to take a good inventory of your RV to make sure that the windows, slides, and doors are not leaking heat. It does not matter how much you spent on your RV, the windows lose a ton of heat, no matter how insulated the manufacturer claims they are. An RV is not sealed like a home made of bricks.
Another thing you should do is, place throw rugs in the central parts of your floor where you walk the most often because rugs can help to better insulate the flooring and keep your feet warmer.

Frozen pipes are a fairly common experience for many RVers but not one that should make you panic. I realized the fresh water tank is not well protected so at certain temperatures the fresh water tank will freeze. Take a look at this video!

Propane is something you really don’t want to run out of, especially if you are boondocking. This happened to me so many times and it can be painful, it actually hurts after a couple of hours in the cold! From my experience, propane that comes with most RVs is very inefficient and uses a lot of electricity. I’m not a big fan of RV parks and resorts so I would rather recommend you to plug your car into electric hookups (you can find electricity through the app Park4Night) and invest in a portable electric space heater because that can make a real difference in staying warm!

Good luck 🙂